What is Cards Against Humanity?


What is Cards Against Humanity?

This single question may cause you to waste more time (or have more fun with your friends) than you ever thought possible in the next few days. Basically CAH is a multiplayer party game. It’s fast to setup, can be play by 4 to 20 players and takes about 30 to 90 minutes to play (depending upon how much you’ve had to drink).


How Do You Play Cards Against Humanity?

- Each player draws 10 white “answer” cards.
- One player is chosen as the Card Czar.
- The Card Czar also plays a black “question” card.
- Card Czar reads the question out loud.
- Each player places a “answer” card on the table while the Czar doesn’t peek!
- Card Czar shuffles cards and reads the answers out loud.
- Card Czar picks his/her favorite answer.
- Whoever plays answer card gets to keep black card as one “Awesome Point”

After each round a new player becomes the Card Czar and the other players draws ten cards and this process continues until a winner is declared.

Humanitarians with A Weird Sense of Humor?
According to Kotaku the makers of CAH gave $70k to Wikipedia (Wikimedia). Certainly a commendable action.

A Break from Video Games
I think that one of the most refreshing aspects is that this is an, pardon the word, ‘old-fashioned’ card game with human interaction. You are not just sitting in front of a mindless monitor pushing and pulling a joystick.

What Are Players Saying About CAH?
Here are a few of the reviews about CAH. Perhaps you will agree with them.

“This is not just an apples to apples deck filled with anne frank cards. The basic structure of the game is the same as Apples to Apples, but there’s so much more to it. I’ve played wiith a bunch of distinct groups of people… a lot of whom start the game by ranting their hatred for apples to apples. But once we start everyone wants to play until they run out of cards. This includes the game I played with my family and my 80 year old grandmother (although explaining some of the cards to her was definitely awkward).”


“DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME WITH YOUR CHILDREN. This is not a game for kids. Period. Full stop. If you’re thinking of buying this for your kid, stop reading now and go get them Battleship or something.”


“This is one of those games where the people you play with do make a difference. In general it is a lot of fun with the right people, but there are some white cards that “try too hard”, I prefer to remove those/write something new on them.”


“This game is all about new experiences, and pushing boundaries. I played with some friends in the Navy, and almost herniated my spleen from laughter…and I learned that my friends are much more depraved than I gave them credit for. I played with my Mom, and learned that no amount of mother-daughter bonding can overcome the awkwardness of explaining “falconpunch” and “smegma” to the woman that birthed you. (I recommend that everyone just refer the parental units to urbandictionary.com, and tell them to look it up later.)”


Has CAH Reached Phenomenon Status Yet?

If you want to know if CAH has reached the coveted phenomenon status click on the link below:
Click Here To See Cult Status!



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